Carthage Global is an integrated project delivery company.

We help organisations operating in emerging markets trade more, upskill their workforce and achieve high-performance that not only grows their revenue but also creates jobs and positively impacts their communities.



Each service we offer blends seamlessly into the next, from strategy and innovation training, to the development of bespoke industry trade fairs, employee upskilling programmes and strategic corporate communications.

We are committed to providing services of the highest quality, demonstrate a can-do attitude, and foster a collaborative working relationship with all our partners.


Click here to see a selection of our recent projects.

Click here to see a selection of our recent projects.

Carthage Global

Carthage Global was founded in 2013 with the unique focus of providing world class strategic advisory and execution support to organisations operating in emerging economies and their trading partners.

We intervene at different stages of the business lifecycle and help business organisations and professionals grow their skills, accelerate their capabilities and develop novel pathways to success & tangible impact.

We look beyond conventional practices to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcomes for their projects.